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We are a passionate team of skilled professionals that design, develop and support innovative next-gen digital solutions, magnifying blockchain business  opportunities.

We were born in the cloud to unlock the potential of the decentralized economy with exceptional Play2Earn apps and games, exploring all the possibilities in the creation of NFTs, web3, asset tokenization and metaverses.

Block Gummies is led by an outstanding team of professionals with extensive experience working with new technologies still undergoing change. Our squad specializes in fully scalable projects, top play-to-earn blockchain games that offer users a rich gaming experience along with multiple opportunities to earn money.

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The world is open for business

As technology opens up new frontiers, the world is seeing a new business model in the blockchain universe known as Play2Earn

It gives players a chance to generate revenue by participating in games. Players create value for other gamers and developers by engaging in the in-game ecosystem and earn assets for their contributions. 

These digital assets might range from coins to accessories that have been tokenized on the blockchain.

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Benefits of

Benefits of Play2Earn

The most popular type of blockchain games is GameFi, a unique merger of Gaming and Decentralized Finance that allows players to have fun while earning valuable rewards in the form of tokens, NFTs, or other digital assets – play2earn.

DeFi functionality adds a unique proposition to the gaming industry, allowing players to monetize their efforts and time spent within the game and turn them into assets with value. This provides players with extra incentives to play the game and stay engaged while having fun. It also allows game developers to explore new possibilities in monetizing their games and obtaining funding.

A rich gaming experience

In addition, NFTs on the platform offer users the possibility to acquire ownership over their assets and eventually resell or distribute them at will. The value of virtual assets can also be preserved by setting a limited number of them through the use of smart contracts, which also guarantees the authenticity of non-counterfeit assets. 

The boom in NFTs is giving birth to a new generation of revenue streams inside the blockchain world, and it might not be long before it surpasses every other major industry.

"Block Gummies is the place to explore the potential, obliterate boundaries and stretch the limits of what all of this can be..."

Alberto Iglesias

CEO & cofounder of BlockGummies

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One of the keys to staying one step ahead is undoubtedly the team behind it. Our team which includes experienced specialists from different profesional industries has a solid profesional background and a track record of success.

We are united by passions such as games and apps, web3, blockchain technology, finance and marketing. We truly believe in the potential for change that a decentralized economy provides.

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Copyright © 2022 block gummies

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